Abrantes is one of Compta’s smart cities project reference cases. We made a partnership with IBM to deliver a future proof solution to manage several public service utilities the local government entity is responsible for. IBM also recognized the merit of the solution to make a success story of it in a form of a case study.

Compta is developing a variety of public service management applications using IBM Intelligent Operations Center, laying the technical foundations for the new smart city. On top of the IBM solution, Compta is building a verticals aggregation layer that connects to several of its own public service management tools, including Bee2Energy and Bee2Water to manage utilities consumption, Bee2Fleet to support fleet management, Bee2Waste to manage waste collections, Bee2Irrigation for assistance with maintaining green spaces, as well as video surveillance capabilities.

A live demo stand showcasing solution implemented in Abrantes city can be visited at IBM Watson IoT Center in Munich. The full story of IBM case study can be found here.

The project was implemented in 2015 and the our products have been renamed with additional features to make cities even smarter. Check it all out:

And for more information, contact us.

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