Body Temperature Measure System

The Bee2Screening system
helps to prevent sick people with a fever from entering places
where they can become harmful to the entire community where they are located.

It´s a system composed by a thermal and optical camera that is optimized for analyzing body temperature. Identifying people and measuring the temperature, alerting if an abnormal temperature is detected. It allows analyzing up to 16 people per second. The system has an accuracy of 0.3 degrees centigrade.

The reliability of the measurement is given by an element, called a blackbody, which is in the system’s line of sight and permanently giving information about the temperature reference.

Key Features

On-board temp-detection algorithm

Effective pixels 400×300

Accuracy 0.3°C

Sensitivity 40mK

Body detection, up to 16 per second

Software in Portuguese, English, PT-Brazilian and Italian

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