Smart Irrigation & Fertilization for Agriculture

The Bee2Crop solution allows the management of irrigation and fertigation in real time and for multiple systems. On a single cloud platform is monitor the overall state of the systems, do irrigation programs, obtain irrigation recommendations, make field readings, consult and download reports, and order fertilisers.
This tool will simplify the daily tasks of agricultural and technical managers by allowing them to focus on their work.
Compatible with Progrés Agronic 4000 irrigation programmers.

Anytime, Anywhere


  • Integrated operations: single platform for managing multiple systems
  • Efficiency gains: reduces complexity of operations and downtime
  • Cloud based solution
  • Integration with energy tariffs, hydrants and solar
  • Savings: water, energy and human resources
  • Real time data and consolidated reports
  • Predictive control: integration with weather information for predictive irrigation
  • Android APP

Sprinkler & Drip Systems

Remote Operations

– Irrigation sectors granular control: per electro-valve, zone, group.
– Programming: time based, weather based, sensor settings based or all combined.
– Performance dashboards with consumptions and savings.
– Multi-location ready.
– Multiple profiles.
– User customizable alarms.
– Notifications: Bee2Crop console, SMS, E-mail.

Multi-Crop Ready

Granular Programs. Sector by Sector.

– Define your crops and associated locations, irrigation sectors or electro-valves.
– Sector-by-Sector individual programming or group sector.
– Manual, semi-automated or fully automated irrigation.
– Create programs based in type of crop combining information from sensors, readers and meteo tags.

Sensors and Weather

Adjustable to Weather Conditions

– Integrate Bee2Crop with your local weather information service to get predictions available.
– Collect and make real use of the information from your own weather stations.
– Make use of soil analysers, humidity probes and other agricultural sensors.
– Use all this information combined to create your Smart Irrigation and Fertilization programs.

Collaboration, Multi-Access, Reporting

Central Management of all your Farms and Personnel

– Multi-Site Capable: All your farms and locations centrally managed.
– Assign “Local Managers” and “Authorized Personnel” to each farm, location or irrigation system.
– Define user permissions per each system (read-only, remote operate, create or change programs, etc.)
– Get Consolidated Reports for Consumption, Efficiency and Savings across all your production locations and crops.

APP Android

Information at your Fingertips

– Allows access and registration of field records required for operation.
– APP available on Google Play.

Use Cases

Olive Grove Producer with Multiple Locations

BEE2CROP usage for:

– Remote Operation & Control across all olive grove locations.
– Monitor the Water and Fertilizer Deposit Levels in each farm.
– Detect abnormal Water Consumption and Water Leakages.
– Collect Information from Soil Analysers and local Weather Stations to create the “optimal” Irrigation programs.
– Automate Irrigation and Fertilization process.
– Alarms and Notifications.
– Predictions & Reporting.

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