Energy Efficiency Management

Compta’s BEE2ENERGY Energy Efficiency Management offers a comprehensive software service that allows companies and institutions to achieve significant improvements on energy efficiency usage while minimizing environmental impacts, reducing consumptions and operational costs. BEE2ENERGY is a Cloud based IOT solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere over the internet.
Real-time operations with a flexible SaaS Business Model and multi-channel capable.

Measure. Control. Optimize. Save.


BEE2ENERGY provides the tools you need to monitor, control and optimize all the energy related aspects in your organization:

– Data-Collection, Monitoring & Analytics
– Ready to work with different types of Energy (Electricity, Water, Gas, Oxygen)
– Programming and Control of connected equipments
– Single-site, Multi-Site and Multiple-Department ready
– Energy Tariff Plans Management & Simulations
– Invoices Control
– Patterns Identification & Predictions
– Alarms, Reporting & KPI’s Monitoring

More than Electricity

Compta’s BEE2Energy software is ready to operate for telemetering, analytis and operation with the most relevant energy sources for industry and urban sectors. The software includes the major operational elements and KPI’s to handle the management of Electricity, Gas, Water and Oxygen sources.

Energy KPI’s Monitoring

Analytic DashBoards

– Setup the energy “key performance indicators” relevant to your environment.
– Combine inputs from different systems and indicators, define periods and thresholds and customize your KPI’s as per your organization needs.
– Get a fast and clean “bird’s eye view” on your consumptions, costs, efficiency, alarms and savings.
– BEE2ENERGY provides you the analytic mechanisms and dashboards widgets that can be easily configured over an intuitive interface.

Your Organization, Your View

Hierarchical Organization View

BEE2ENERGY granularity in organizational structuring will adjust to your business reality:

– Map and geo-reference your buildings, warehouses, factories, offices or locations.
– Create your departments and/or cost-centers as per your organization internal structure.
– Add your systems and devices within each location (lighting circuits, power plugs, air-conditioning, chillers, water, gas and electricity meters, etc.) and group them in categories as per your needs.
– Assign different energy tariff costs per location or business unit.

Monitor, Programs and Alarms

Real-time view, Advanced Programming & Alarms

– Easy and Intuitive application of your company energy policy rules.
– Real-time Monitoring of Consumptions, Temperatures, Humidity and other indicators.
– Setup Rules and Programs with set-points to automate operations, automatically turn on/off equipments or setup alarms and notifications.
– Advanced programming “visual editor” with multiple conditions combination.
– Apply different rules per location, system, department, floor or building based in sensor inputs.
– Time-Based & Conditions Based Programming with “exclusions” definitions.

Invoices Validation

Invoicing Control Module

– Automatic or Manual upload of your energy supplier invoices.
– Compare and validate the invoiced values with your real-consumptions.
– Setup alarms for when getting invoices with abnormal values.
– Assign invoices to your internal organization departments or companies.
– Manage your Invoices (processed, validated, paid, to pay, etc.)

Magnify your Energy Efficiency Performance

Wallboard Interface

– Display your relevant KPI’s in large displays and TV sets
– Dashboards and Graphs adapted for this kind of Interface.
– High visual impact.
– Applicable to use at buildings entrance, city halls and large operation centers.

Industrial Grade IoT Connectivity

Devices and Sensors

BEE2ENERGY is ready to interact with a wide variety of devices and equipments, supporting various communication technologies and protocols.

– IoT Gateways (with “Fog Computing” capabilities, from several vendors)
– Meters (Smart or Pulse emitter capable)
– Energy Quality Analysers
– Readers and Actuators (smart or analog)
– Power Factor Controllers
– Twilight Sensors
– Environmental Sensors (temperature, humidity, water and air quality)

Applicable Markets

Industry & Services

BEE2ENERGY is serving for energy efficiency improvement and control in several industry segments. From large multinationals with multi-site locations up to small and medium size companies. Independently of the business sector, wherever energy usage monitoring and control is needed, BEE2ENERGY is the right answer.

Smart Cities

Sustainability, efficiency in energy resources usage (electricity, gas, water) and CO2 emission levels reduction are key topics to consider in a “Smart City” project deployment. BEE2ENERGY provides cities with a unified and central platform where all the properties from the city can be managed and operated on what regards to energy related aspects.

Impacts & Efficiency Improvements

Use Cases

Features Summary

Common Feature Set

• Real-time Monitoring & Control (lighting, distribution points, equipment’s, circuits, HVACS, pumps, chillers, water/gas meters, generators, etc.)
• Equipment’s performance analysis
• Consumption Control & Patterns analysis
• Multi-Profile System Access
• Remote Control (manual On/Off, scheduled, sensors or set-points based)
• KPI parameters definition for analysis and dashboards
• Consumption Analysis (instantaneous, historical and comparative)
• Creation and Editing of Programs (lighting, HVACS, cooling, pumps, generators, etc.)
• Tariff and service Plans Management
• Multiple Entities Management
• Cost Center Management
• Integration with external sensors (motion, photoelectric, weather, others)
• API Integration capable with external systems (CCTV, weather, access control, smoke/fire detection, others)
• Alarms Module (e-mail, SMS, Mobile App)
• Reporting
• Web Browser & Mobile App Interfaces

Industry Specific

• Energy Quality Control (power, voltage, frequency, loads, peaks, microcuts, others)
• Wallboards Display (optional)
• Oxygen Cylinders/Cylinder Packs Monitoring and Control
• Gas & Water meters monitoring and control
• Air and water quality monitoring
• Freezers temperature monitoring and alerts
• Temperature, humidity, CO2 monitoring
• Advertising Panels energy monitoring
• Automatic generators activation in case of energy supply outage
• Engine rotation (RPM) Monitoring

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