Early fire detection and decision support system

act before it’s too LATE

Early fire detection is critical to contain damage and avoid total devastation.

Bee2FireDetection solution operates 24×7 as a surveillance system, automatically detects fires in early stages in distances up to 15km/9.3mi and assist in decision-making processes, enabling rapid response and support in firefighting operation efforts.

Protect your forest

Surveillance and Early Fire Detection

Automatic Detection | 24×7 Operational | Trustworthy

Multisensor Technology

Optical | Thermal | Spectrometric

Inputs from various sources

Weather Stations | Webdata Services | Sensors

Decision Support System

Fire Hazard Forecast | Fire Propagation | Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence is the Future


Determines the probability level of occurrence of wildfires (fire danger level risk index).


Almost real time fire detection using Visual Recognition AI on captured images from surveillance cameras and other data sources.


Estimates the fire propagation over the terrain (perimeter, behavior) and recommends where to act first.

Bee2FireDetection - Automatic fire alarm
Bee2FireDetection - Fire probability over time
Bee2FireDetection - Service offer overview
Bee2FireDetection - Fire propagation simulation

Unique & Innovative Proposition

Bee2FireDetection - Industrial installation for monitoring and detection of fires in wooden park
Bee2FireDetection - On wheels
Bee2FireDetection - Fire lookout tower installation
Bee2FireDetection - Natural park application
Bee2FireDetection - Energy self powered movable version

Available “As a Service”

Capable of integrating existing cameras and consequently reducing costs and time of deployment.

Fast and accurate detection

Fastest and accurate detection in the market via AI visual recognition, lowering the dependency of human subjectivity, visual acuity and fatigue.

Constantly evolving

Self-learning capabilities with AI, constantly improving its accuracy as the number of “fire/non-fire” situations occur.

Simple and Effective

Intuitive web access

System access is done by an intuitive web platform, on a pc, tablet or mobile phone, supporting comprehensive user management with different authorization levels and log actions.

Multi role management

Multi role management available to fulfil every organization requirement.

Broad reporting offer

Live updates, logs and reports for complete awareness of system status and performance.

Bee2FireDetection - Meteo data view
Bee2FireDetection - Intrusion report
Bee2FireDetection - Situation map
Bee2FireDetection - Timelapse visualization
Bee2FireDetection - Home screen
Bee2FireDetection - Tablet and mobile views

Use Cases

Wild Forests and Natural Parks

Bee2FireDetection used for:

  • Centralized surveillance, fire detection and operations support from Control Center.
  • Fire risk and public security measures.
  • Preventing and monitoring of wildfires.

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What our Clients Say

The Bee2FireDetection system have improved the confirmation and response time of fire threats resulting in additional protection to the environment and industrial facilities.

Mário Oliveira

Project Manager


Product Clients

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