Green Spaces Management

Compta’s BEE2GREEN offers Cities and Industries a comprehensive software service to effectively remote operate, automate and manage the irrigation and environmental control systems of green space areas. BEE2GREEN is a Cloud based IOT solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere over the internet and allows the management of multiple locations from central location, optimizing efficiency, minimizing maintenance costs and providing the tools to achieve savings in water and energy consumptions.

Global Operations Control

Think Green and Smart

Get the best efficiency in Water usage

Irrigate, only when needed!
– Map and geo-reference your Irrigation Systems.
– Assign irrigation systems as per your organization internal structure.
– Irrigation Systems remote Monitoring & Operation.
– Irrigation advanced Programming (Time-based, Weather or Sensor Inputs based, Multiple conditions)

Intuitive Monitoring

– Immediate view on your Green Space performance.
– Customize your KPI’s as per your needs.
– Get a fast and clean “bird’s eye view” on the Green Space consumptions, costs, efficiency, alarms and savings.
– BEE2GREEN provides the analytic mechanisms and dashboards widgets that can be easily configured over an intuitive interface.

Program. Automate. Optimize.

Combine several types of information to create your programs.
– Multiple Conditions based programs creation.
– Combine information from Pumps, Weather, Sensors, Water Deposits, etc.
– Apply your programs per Irrigation Sector, Pump, Zone, etc.
– Logical Operators capable (and, or, and/or, equal, minor, etc.)
– Easy and Intuitive Graphical interface.

Water Pumping. Automated.

– Create Programs & Alerts based in the Pump parameters.
– Check your Pumps consumptions and performances.
– Preventive Maintenance indicators.
– Remotely control your Pumps.
– Automate when Pumps turn on/off based on select criteria.

Get Notified. On Time.

Don’t get caught by unexpected situations:
– Define your alarm conditions (abnormal consumptions, water leakage, etc.).
– Setup your alarms per type or system (Irrigation Sector, Hydraulic Pump, Environmental setting, etc.).
– Indicate your alarm periods and exclusions.
– Get your Alarms or Notifications in Bee2Green Console, Phone or e-mail.

Use Cases

Applicable Markets

City Parks, Roundabouts, Public Gardens, Sport Facilities or any other city managed green space with irrigation and environmental control needs.

Business Campus, Golf Courts, Hotels and Resorts or any other industry with green areas to be managed and treated.

Features Summary

•Irrigation Systems Control.
•Water & Energy Consumption Control.
•Environmental Quality Monitoring (Water, Temperature, Co2, Humidity, others).
•Weather Predictive Control (Meteo Tags and Weather Sensors).
•Remote Control (manual On/Off, scheduled, sensors based or set-points based).
•Common KPI’s parameters for analysis and dashboards.
•Lakes Management & Monitoring.
•Creation and Editing of Irrigation Programs.
•Tariff Plans Management.
•Multiple Entities Management.
•Boreholes Management.
•Hydraulic Pumps Management.
•Fountains (lighting & sprinklers control).
•Ready to work with a wide variety of Sensors and Devices.
•Alarms Module – e-mail and SMS.
•Web Browser Interface.

Featured Product

– Battery Operated
– 1x dry-wire Input for non-powered pulse emitter devices
– 4x dry-wire Output for Irrigation Electro Valves that can operate at 9 Volts with Latching mode
– LoRa/LoRaWAN Class C

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