Public Lighting Management

BEE2LIGHTING is a Street Lighting Management software that allows municipalities to achieve the highest levels of efficiency on energy usage and operations related with public illumination.
Capable to operate the various types of luminaires, BEE2LIGHTING offers “CABINET LEVEL” and “LUMINAIRE LEVEL” management models supporting the various communication protocols for connectivity such as M2M, LoRa, Sigfox, WiFi and others.

Deployment Models: Adjusted to your City Reality

Need to consider areas of your city where you have not yet implemented smart luminaires?
Want to avoid having different systems for managing luminaires of different types and connected in different ways?

BEE2Lighting allows simultaneous operation with “connected smart-luminaires” and “legacy, non-smart luminaires” providing you the highest levels of comprehensiveness and flexibility in the implementation of your intelligent street lighting project.

  • Point-to-point, independent luminaire granular management.
  • Works with Smart Luminaires from several vendors.
  • Ready to operate with the most popular luminaire smart controllers.
  • Network Access Freedom: LoRa, SigFox, Cellular M2M, NB-IoT, WiFi.
  • API Integration capable with external luminaire controller existing systems.

Smart Operations

Remote Control
Real Time Monitoring
Time-Based Scheduling
Smart Adaptive Lighting
Motion Detection

Streamlined Maintenance

Customizable Alarms
Fused Lamps
Power Failure
Energy Theft
Maintenance Optimization
Granular Control

Performance Analytics

Performance Dashboards
Costs Monitoring
Tariff Plans & Simulations
Unified Reporting

Impacts & Savings

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