Urban Waste Collection Management

BEE2WASTE is a powerful waste collection cloud based management software serving for more than 40 cities across Europe and South America that addresses all the phases of the urban cleanness processes. BEE2WASTE is capable of interacting with a wide variety of IoT/sensors and waste collection methodologies so the more efficient working methods can be implemented adapted to each city specific needs.

Your Waste Collection Core

Service Features

Designed to be used either by Municipalities or Waste Collection Service companies, BEE2WASTE provides by the following service features:

– Operations Planning and Management
– Interaction with Vehicles, Collection Points, other Equipments & Final Waste Destinations
– Interface with Producers, Citizens & Regulators
– Data-Collection, Monitoring & Analytics
– Patterns Identification & Predictions
– Human Resources Management
– Assets Management
– Tracking, Location, Geo-Fencing
– Intelligent “Routes Planning”
– PAYT/RAYT/SMART Models Ready
– Reporting & KPI’s Monitoring

End-to-End Operations Control

One Solution, a World of Applications

BEE2WASTE Software is designed to interact with all the operational elements part of the waste collection process. From human resources scheduling (drivers and auxiliary personnel), collection assets and elements (such as collection and cleaning vehicles, containers and bins for different waste types, plastic bags, etc.), up to the waste deposits, final waste destinations and citizens.

Simple and effective

Intelligent Planning of Collection Circuits

Operators can plan the collection circuits based on real-time and historical data pattern behaviour learning.
For each collection circuit plan, Operator can work with several variables such as:

– Date/Hour for the collection
– Area
– Types of waste to consider
– Containers to be considered by their filling level %
– Vehicles to use
– Operation Center those vehicles belong to.
– Preferred flow
– Waste possible compression rates

BEE2WASTE will generate the collecting circuit, indicating the Optimal routes, optimal Number of vehicles needed, number of laps and other relevant variables.

Your Decision, Assisted

Containers Volume Levels & Predictive Planning

Real time information about the current fill level of select containers in a certain zone.

BEE2WASTE can plan future collections shifts based on the learnings of historical data.

Example: Plan a shift to collect all the containers that will be above 30% load in the next 12 hours.

Your Assets, Fully Cataloged

Containers/Bins Inventory & Operation

Collection Points can be uploaded on the system, including all the details of the installation point (type of containers, model, types of waste, etc.)

Information can be uploaded either manually or automatically via the Bee2Waste RFID Handheld Reader.

Business Oriented Metrics

Analytics, KPI’s and Dashboards

BEE2WASTE provides the most commonly used performance KPI’s for Urban Waste Collection, automatically updated.

Specific custom made KPI’s can be created:

– Collected Tons (Global, per Waste type, etc.)
– Level of Incidents
– Cost of Collection per collected Ton or per Number of inhabitants.
– Efficiency KPI’s
– Co2 Level Emissions

Connected Vehicles

Some Interaction Possibilities

– Tracking, Location, Geo-Fencing.
– Vehicle Consoles with “Routes-to-Follow”, “Work-orders” and other info.
– Automatic reading of Collected Containers.
– Cargo Levels Monitoring (volume, weight).
– Fuel Levels Monitoring.
– Direct input to the platform on the most common occurrences (damaged container, container missing, road-block, etc.).

Connected Collection Points

Some Interaction Possibilities

– Collection Points Geo-Referencing, Geo-Fencing
– Semi-Automated Containers Inventory
– Filling Levels Reading
– Temperature Monitoring
– “Conditioned Access Container Zones” implementation

More features

Public or Private Cloud

BEE2WASTE is provided in a “Software as a Service” business model ajusted to your business needs. Service can be provided either from Public or Private Cloud deployment types.

Integration with External Systems

Data inputs and outputs can be established with other systems part of the waste collection process. Via API integration, data exchange can be setup with existing ERP’s, CRM’s, Reporting or other operational software elements.

Device Access Technologies

BEE2WASTE is capable of interacting with a multitude of devices and sensors independently of the communication technology in use. From M2M up to IoT narrowband technologies, such as LoRa or SigFox, BEE2WASTE will assure the best flexibility as per each device/sensor purpose.

Impacts & Benefits

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