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1. Quality and Environment Policy

Compta Emerging Business’ global policy is based on the following points:

1.1. Mission

  • Create conditions of added value, providing services and products in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, satisfying the specific needs of each Client in line with the highest standards of quality, service availability and technological development;

  • Minimize the environmental impacts of our activity by promoting pollution prevention and the rational use of natural resources through appropriate internal environmental management practices, as well as supporting the management of natural resources through innovative solutions of our own.

1.2. Values and principles

  • Always learn: We are attentive, we are dynamic and we develop the necessary knowledge to the development of our activity, in order to provide individual enrichment and value for our Clients and Shareholders, along with the environmental development with special emphasis on the adoption of pollution prevention and reduction practices;

  • Team spirit: We know our individual objectives and clearly know the form and the contribution that they play in the objectives of our Clients and Shareholders;

  • Professionalism: We are specialists in the activity that we develop and we want that the quality of our service and the safeguarding the values of environment protection are the mark by which we are recognized by our Clients and Shareholders;

  • Competition: We know that we have to overcome positively the challenges inherent in our activity – innovating – because only then will we be able to sustain our leadership and consolidate our position towards our Clients and Shareholders.

1.3. Strategy

  • Establish agreements with suppliers and partners that are highly recognized in the world market;

  • Target the activity to obtain high availability solutions in real time with high investment and risk protection, taking into account the context in which Compta Emerging Business is located and the requirements of the stakeholders that are relevant to our mission and vision;

  • Ensure high integration capacity and strong technical competence;

  • Safeguard the environment, minimizing environmental impacts, ensuring continuous improvement, as well as compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

1.4. Vision

In an environment in constant technological transformation and where the solutions contribute decisively to the success of the Business activity, it is necessary to follow the market needs by developing services and products that create value advantages clearly perceived by our Customers and that guarantee the environment protection.

2. Policy for Research, Development and Innovation Management

In addition to the Mission, Values and Principles, Strategy and Vision globally established in the Quality and Environment Policy for the Compta Emerging Business organization, in the area of SGIDI that Policy is complemented by:

  • Research, development and creation of innovative systems based on new technologies and/or disruptive approaches that add value and enable the transfer of knowledge among the parties involved;

  • Designing and developing CEB solutions, specially designed for the management of emerging businesses, assuming the firm commitment to follow the guidelines expressed in reference standard NP 4457.

Scope of Research Management System, Development and Innovation CEB – Compta Emerging Business

“Research, Development and Innovation in integrated telecommunication and information technology products and solutions in the areas of Multimodal Logistics, Environment, Sea, Energy Management, Agriculture, Fire Detection, Smart Cities and Health”.

Policy for the Management of Research, Development and Innovation CEB – Compta Emerging Business

“Investigate, develop and create innovative systems based on new technologies and/or disruptive approaches that add value and enable the transfer of knowledge between the parties involved”.

“Design and develop solutions CEB, specially designed for the management of emerging business, assuming a firm commitment to follow the guidelines set out in the standard NP 4457 reference”.