Our solutions showcased at “Technology Innovation Conference 2018”

The Gauteng Provincial Government is hosting its Technology Innovation Conference 2018 from 1 – 2 February 2018, under the topic of Building Innovative Technology Ecosystems for a Modernized City Region.

The conference brings together ICT experts and decision makers from across the public and private sectors and from academia to analyze the wave of digital and technological innovation that is sweeping across the South African economy.

Bhelela Communications PTY (our authorized partner for the South African region), is contributing in the conference by showcasing the solutions and the experience of us gathered in the implementation of several smart city projects in Europe for the specific domains of:

  • Energy Efficiency Management for Public Buildings and Infrastructures
  • Street Lighting Management
  • Urban Waste Collection Management
  • Smart Irrigation for City Green Spaces
  • Forest Fire Detection
  • Digital Citizenship

Bhelela brings to the South African market not only well-proven technologies from us, but also the knowledge on the challenges (human, processual and legal) that municipalities are confronted with when implementing innovative technologies towards a modern and more efficient city.

Bhelela and our solutions can be found in booth 307 (exhibition area) during the 2 days of the conference.

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