Cargo Logistics

Designed to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs of cargo logistics operations, Compta Emerging Business “Cargo e-Business” solutions family addresses the specific needs of cargo management for 3 (three) different types of operation: Maritime Ports, In-Land Container Terminals and Railway Cargo.
Oriented for multimodal logistics, “Cargo e-Business” solutions allow to fully control and manage the operations in a Unified manner.
From loading to unloading, from entering and leaving the park, or from cargo handling of the ship or transshipment to lorry or rail, the solution allows modular management of all operations, providing real-time information on all processes.

Compta’s Solutions for Cargo Management

Maritime Ports

TOS designed to work with Containerized, General, Bulk Cargo and ensures the Segregation of Dangerous and Explosive Cargoes. From Ship Planning & Vessel Operations, Intermodal Management, Berth Planning, Electronic Data Transmission, the solution covers the management of the main operational aspects related with the daily activities of cargo operations in a port.

In-Land Terminals

Complete set for Terminal Yard Operations with  Container Control, Yard Operations Management, Reefer Control, Customs Interface and Customer Portal.

Railway Cargo

Aimed at multimodal and rail transport, this unique and integrated solution allows managing operations, freight transport, commercial management, road planning, tracking, infrastructure, mobility, human resources and billing.

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