Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is defined as using less energy to provide the same level of energy service. Energy efficiency is achieved primarily by means of a more efficient technology or processes rather than by radical changes in individual behavior.

Worldwide Challenge

As per Eurostat, average energy consumption in the EU28 countries points that industrial sector is responsible for about one-third of all energy use. Office buildings, retail shops and services play account for another 18 percent of energy consumption while residential and urban sectors represent 27 percent of total consumption.

Together, urban areas, businesses and industries account in average of OECD for two-thirds of carbon emissions. They are also where some of the most significant and readily available energy savings can be found.

Energy-efficient designs can significantly reduce the energy demands being Energy Management Solutions, a key fundamental piece to support this global challenge.

Compta’s Energy Efficiency Management

Making use of IoT technology, Compta Emerging Business provides Cities, Industries and Services with Energy Efficiency Software solutions specifically designed for Cities, Industry and Services with the following areas of applicability:

Smart Cities

Sustainability, efficiency in energy resources usage (electricity, gas, water) and CO2 emission levels reduction are key topics to consider in a “Smart City” project deployment. Compta Emerging Business provides cities with a unified and central platform where all the properties from the city can be managed and operated on what regards to energy related aspects.

Industry & Services

Compta’s BEE2Energy IoT Energy Management software is serving for energy efficiency improvement and control in several industry segments. From large multinationals with multi-site locations up to small and medium size companies. Independently of the business sector, wherever energy usage monitoring and control is needed.

Related Products

The usage of Compta’s Energy Management Software platform supporting the complete IoT solution for energy efficiency, is helping Cities and Industries to achieve significant savings and efficiency improvements while drastically reducing the carbon emission levels. To know more, please refer to Compta Emerging Business products for Energy Efficiency Management:

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