Solutions for Environmental Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Cities

As part of the global solutions for environmental sustainability and Smart Cities offer, Compta Emerging Business provides products for three environmental related areas: Urban Waste Collection Management, Green Spaces Management and Forest Fire Detection

All are key areas on the agenda of cities and entities towards the achievement of sustainability and efficiency goals, reduction of carbon emissions and cost savings, while significantly improving citizens life quality.

Compta’s Solutions for Environment

Urban Waste Collection

As the global population progresses towards 8.5 billion by 2030, the amount of urban solid waste is budding even faster than the rate of urbanization. Today, 3 billion urban residents globally are generating 1.2 kg per person per day (1.3 billion tons per year).

Compta’s BEE2Waste – Urban Waste Collection Management is a solution serving for more than 40 cities that provides all the planning, the operational management, control, optimization and analytics for all the phases of the urban cleanness processes, boosts efficiency and contributes for a sustainable and clean 21st century city.

Green Spaces Management

Optimization and effective control of irrigation in city green areas, public parks, gardens and sport facilities can significantly reduce the water consumptions the correspondent positive environmental impacts. The same is valid for business where watering and irrigation are present, such as Golf, Business Campuses and Resorts.

Compta’s BEE2Green – Green Spaces Management provides remote control and smart automation for green areas water irrigation/fertilization, lakes water levels monitoring, water pumps operation, air quality monitoring, fountains and boreholes control. The solution streamlines operation with remote control, reduce maintenance and operational costs while promoting a better and sustainable environment for your city or business.

Forest Fire Detection

Forests are a valuable asset that needs to be properly protected by government and local authorities. Besides the evident contribution for life sustainability, oxygen production and carbon dioxide absorption, Forests and Forestry related economic activities account in average for more than 1% countries GDP. Early detection of fires is critical to minimize the damage they can cause and prevent total devastation.

Compta’s “Forest Locator” solution, using unique patented spectrometric analysis technology, can detect fires automatically within 5 minutes of ignition within a range of up to 15 kilometers. Send alerts to where needed 24 hours a day

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