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The BEE2 Concept

Like the honeycombs in a hive, Compta’s vision stands for a world where your different Internet of Things (IoT) applications can co-exist, interact and collaborate in the same environment, breaking down silos and taking the max advantage of the information gathered from several services. Compta’s BEE2 Verticals Aggregation Layer and BEE2 Product Family materializes that vision:
  • Your IoT Services, all connected to the same “big data” backend.
  • Easily obtain information from the several IoT services and generate unified reports from the same unique platform.
  • Use the same intuitive interface across the different services and get your telemetering, perform analytics, generate alarms, manage users and sensors and create your automation rules.

Many IoT Services. Same Interface


BEE2 Verticals Aggregation Layer

All “BEE2” service applications share the same aggregation layer providing significant advantages, such as:

  • Unified Management Interface for the several applications
  • Single Sign-On for all the verticals
  • Unified Reporting, Monitoring and Alarms
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Common Rules Engine for the several verticals
  • Events Correlation across the different services
  • Easy API integration with external IoT platforms & other modules

BEE2 Product Family

Smart Cities and Industry Specific Verticals

BEE2 Product Family is comprised today by five IoT Vertical Applications: Bee2Energy, Bee2Lighting, Bee2Waste, Bee2Green and Bee2FireDetection, plus one Service Application for Citizens: Bee2Citizen in form of a Mobile and Web App.

The offer covers the most popular areas of interest for Smart City projects such as energy management, street lighting, urban waste collection, green spaces management and citizens plus another industry specific for Forests as a fire detection solution.

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BEE2 Products

Energy Efficiency Management

Street Lighting Management

Waste Collection Management

Green Spaces Management

All in one app for Citizens

Long Range Fire Detection

IoT Gateways and Devices

Click here to know more about the certified list of IoT Gateways, Devices and Sensors ready to work with Compta Emerging Business BEE2 Services.

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