Holistic Approach for Smart Cities IoT Governance

ITGest offers municipalities a rich set of IoT Services, all provided from the same unique backend interface allowing cities to have a global unified view on the city daily operations and management.
Currently in use by more than 45 cities worldwide, “ITGest” Service Modules are helping municipalities to improve city services efficiency, contributing to achieve the sustainability goals they are proposed to while reducing costs and improving Citizens satisfaction.

Multiple City Services. Same Interface.

Service Modules & Aggregation Layer

ITGest Smart Cities Services offer is comprised by:

– Energy Management for Public Buildings
– Street Lighting Management
– Urban Waste Collection Management
– Green Spaces Management
– Forest Fire Detection
– Digital Citizenship

Software modules can be acquired independently (modular approach) allowing cities to “grow as they need”, adjusted to their reality and available budgets.

All modules share a common BEE2 Verticals Aggregation Layer that amongst other advantages, guarantees each city a unique database, a sole login entry point for all the installed services with single sign-on, unified analytics and reporting plus, the same “look and feel” interface across all the applications.

Further to the operational and financial benefits inherent to this model, this approach is a real enabler of the “holistic approach” that allow cities to get the 360 degree integrated view on the performance and efficiency levels of the IoT services deployed.

ITGest Smart City Modules

Public Buildings Energy Usage Control,  Optimization & Reporting

Energy Efficiency Management

BEE2Energy provides municipalities the required set of tools to perform an effective monitoring, management, reporting and optimization of the energy usage across all public facilities. From service buildings to museums or sport facilities, BEE2Energy will allow a centralized and smart control of all electricity, gas and water elements under the municipality responsibility.

Street Lighting Management

Street Lighting Management

BEE2Lighting allows the monitoring, control, automation and optimization of the city Public Lighting infrastructure. Adaptable to various types of luminaires and possible deployment architectures (point-to-point with smart luminaires or street level with legacy luminaires) it can work with the several communication technologies available in your city (M2M, LoRa, SigFox, etc.).

Urban Waste Collection Management

Waste Collection Management

BEE2Waste solution provides municipalities a key tool for planning, monitoring and controlling the entire urban cleaning process. From intelligent planning of collection routes, real-time information on field actions, containers registration and monitoring, support for different business models and tariffs, KPI’s analysis and reporting and interaction with citizens, the solution is modular and flexible to be adapted to the reality of each municipality.

Green Spaces Management

Green Spaces Management

Centralized unified control of the city green areas and public parks on what regards to irrigation/fertilization, lakes monitoring, water pumps operation, air quality & environmental monitoring. BEE2Green is a Cloud based IOT solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere allowing the management of multiple locations, optimizing efficiency, minimizing maintenance costs and providing the tools to achieve savings in water and energy consumptions.

Forest Fire Detection

Long Range Fire Detection

Protect the surrounding forest areas of your city with a robust and well-proven long range solution that effectively detects fires up to 15km/9.3miles away and 360º around using a patented spectrometric analysis. BEE2FireDetection is a complete turnkey solution that includes the monitoring tower units and detection equipment (several models available) and the monitoring software.

Digital Citizenship

Citizens All in One App

Get Citizens involved, increase efficiency and promote global satisfaction. The services provided by the BEE2Citizen App and Web Portal are directly connected to the BEE2 City Service Modules allowing immediate actions and responses from municipal services.  The App can also be integrated with other services already in place in the municipality. Bee2Citizen App, features and limitless potential of applicability.

Network Access Freedom

ITGest Smart City Modules are “network access agnostic” and ready to operate with the most popular IoT communication technologies. ITGest is partnering with the most relevant network technologies operators, brokers, gateway and sensor vendors to make sure your services will operate independently of the selected access type.

Savings & Efficiency Improvements

Taken from the historical record of implementations in more than 40 cities, ITGest Smart City Modules have been helping cities to achieve the following average results:

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