We implement pioneer system in Europe for the waste sector

In partnership with the Municipality of Viseu and Ferrovial Serviços (waste collection company), we implemented the first precision weighing system in heavy vehicles for the collection of municipal waste. This solution provides real-time data information on the total weight each collection truck is carrying, allowing higher levels of optimization in the processes associated with the collection operations planning and execution.

The installation work of the automatic scales, as well as the development of the command and control software, successfully finished on June 12th, following the test of the solution in production and in real environment. It should be noted that in terms of engineering this is a robust solution combining hardware and software in order to improve the total efficiency related with the urban solid waste collection process.

The control of the solution is carried out in an electronic console that is in constant connection with all other systems installed in the vehicle, namely the management of routes, task resources and the vehicle itself. This system opens doors to several improvements in the provision of services, since it allows more efficient management of collected waste, data on its nature, weight and destination for recovery.
This is the first system of its kind to be implemented in Portugal and one of the first in Europe. Efforts have been made to incorporate the ultimate technology to efficiently manage municipal solid waste.

This is an area where we have multiple size projects in progress and where it has clearly developed a concrete bet over the years. We have accumulated several awards in Urban Solid Waste Management, which proves its excellence in this area.

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