Worldwide echoes of Bee2FireDetection victory in IBM Watson Build 2018 challenge

The victory of Bee2FireDetection with AI in IBM Watson Build 2018 challenge has been prominently cited internationally! This unique and innovative automatic fire detection and prediction solution, presented during IBM PartnerWorld event, Think 2019 in San Francisco, USA, is based on three pillars:

  • Predicts: constantly measures the “Fire Danger Level Forecast” for the monitored locations, powered by IBM Weather Company;
  • Detects: early Fire Detection powered by IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence;
  • Recommends: estimates the fire propagation over the terrain and suggests where and how to act first.

Here are some of the media articles from around the world:

USA: This Company Will Use Artificial Intelligence To Fight Wildfires

Australia: Compta seeks Australian IBM partners for bush fire prevention solution

Brazil: Portugueses ganham concurso mundial com inteligência artificial para detectar incêndios

France: Cette société va utiliser l’intelligence artificielle pour lutter contre les incendies de forêt

Italy: Questa società utilizzerà l’intelligenza artificiale per la lotta contro incendi

Portugal: Portugueses ganham concurso mundial da IBM com inteligência artificial para detetar incêndios

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